I am 18, and try to write about films, TV shows, comics and any and all things that interest me at the moment. Unfortunately I am not good at seeing things through, and I am not sure if this blog is going to be one of those things. I have ambitious plans for my life, yet the only one I am taking concrete steps -and very slow ones at that, mind you- to implement seems to be finishing IMDb Top 250. I’ve watched 142 so far, which I find to be satisfying considering my age. I estimate the total number of movies I’ve seen to be 800ish, which is no bad either. My track record is not that good with TV shows. I start off great,  binge watching couple episodes/seasons and then I suddenly stop watching. Indefinitely. Sometimes I go back and finish them, but mostly not. My biggest endeavor right now is to get into comics. Most of my comics knowledge comes from reading Wikipedia, not actual comics. Trying to keep up with big events are impossibly difficult and complex, so I just focus on characters I like and creator-owned series. Other than these my main interests are windsurfing, history, technology and research. I occasionally end up in wiki-holes for hours, jumping from topic to topic. Hence the name.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.



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