Fan Theory Fridays #2: R+L=J

SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale

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If you haven’t spent the last four years living under a rock, chances are you are a fan of Game of Thrones and currently outraged by the seeming death of Jon Snow in the season finale. After five seasons and dozens of death, no one gets surprised when one of the main cast dies on GoT, but Jon Snow’s death broke the internet. The reason is not just because he was a fans’ favorite, but also because many fans considered him to have a role in the game of thrones more vital than we are aware of. So, here comes one of the most famous fan theories out there:


Let’s start from the beginning. During Robert’s Rebellion, Lyanna Stark is allegedly kidnapped and raped by Rhaeger Targaryen, and kept hidden at the Tower of Joy. Ned and four friends go to rescue her only to find three of the King’s Guard, including Arthur Dane who is described as the best swordsman ever to live, guarding the tower. Only Ned and Howland Reed survives the fight, but only to find Lyanna lying in a bad of blood. There, Lyanna extracts a promise from Ned, shortly before her dead. When the war ends, Ned returns Winterfell with a baby, which he claims to be his bastard. That baby is Jon Snow.

These are the facts from the books. So probably you can figure of what R,L and J mean in this theory by yourself now. They stand for Rhaeger, Lyanna and Jon and imply Jon is Rhaeger and Lyanna’s son, not Ned’s. Let’s move to the evidences that support this theory.

First of all, King’s Guard. Knights in the guard are tasked with protecting the king and the royal blood. So, three Guards’, including the best swordsman in the realm, presence in the Tower of Joy implies that there was also royal blood in the tower. Lyanna dies in a bed of blood in a room decorated with roses. There is a good chance that it was due to child birth. A room decorated with roses suggests that Rhaeger didn’t kidnap and rape Lyanna, but they were in love. Thirdly, the name of the tower. The Tower of Joy sounds like a perfect place to make some babies.

All of Ned Stark’s children are described as having Tully features, except for Arya and Jon who have similar features. Arya is described as resembling Lyanna, which indicates that Jon looked like her, too.

Lastly, there is a bit about Dany. In the House of Undying she sees some visions relating to this theory. In one of the m Rhaeger is speaking to Elia of Dorne, his wife, who is nursing their second newborn child. Rhaeger goes on to say: “There must be one more. The dragon has three heads.” However Elia is sick and incapable of bearing another child. This is why Rhaeger  finds Lyanna to give birth to a third child. Another vision is a blue rose growing on the Wall. Blue rose is Lyanna’s favorite flower, so fans believe that blue rose on the wall is to indicate Jon’s true parentage.

You can read more about this theory on here and see all of the related quotes from the books here.


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