Trivia Round Up: June

Apart fro Inside Out, I wasn’t able to review the movies I’ve seen this month, so I just share tiny bits of trivia about each of them that I find interesting. I’m borrowing the concept from another blog called Flick Chicks, and so if you want to read more interesting trivia bits, you should definitely check it out.

Inside Out (2015)

Some of the memory balls in Riley’s mind contain scenes from other Pixar movies, such as Carl and Ellie’s wedding in Up (2009).

I can’t believe I missed it. It makes me want to see the movie twice. BONUS: Peter David posted on his blog an interesting theory about the genders of the emotions. Check it out!

Jurassic World (2015)

According to the filmmakers, the T-Rex in the film is the same T-Rex that appeared in the original Jurassic Park. She bears visible scars from the climactic fight with the Velociraptors in the first film.

T-Rex ❤

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

In creating the look of the film, director George Miller laid down two stipulations for the production to follow. Firstly the cinematography would be as colorful as possible in order to differentiate the film from other post apocalyptic movies which typically have bleak desaturated colors. Secondly the art direction would be as beautiful as possible, as Miller reasoned that people living in the post apocalypse would try to find whatever scraps of beauty they could in their meager environment.

Mad Max is truly one of the most beautiful movies ever made. It is just gorgeous to look at, and I never thought why. The reasons go to prove George Miller’s genius.

Tomorrowland (2015)

Brad Bird was sought out as the first choice for the director’s job of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015). Bird respectfully declined the offer in order to do this film. Bird stated, “It’s rare to do a film of size that’s original, so those opportunities can’t be missed either.” Bird went on to say, he is a huge Star Wars fan though and he looks forward (as a fan) to seeing the film like everyone else.

So he turned down Star Wars for this? WTF? And how come it is original? It is based on a theme park, for crying out loud. Even if it was, that’s no reason to turn down a Star Wars movie. 


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