Fan Theory Fridays

Fan theories are fun. From the famous R + L = J to tinfoils there are many out there in the world wide web. Some of them are well-respected to the point that there are treated as canon, and some of them are just, well, tinfoild. Nevertheless they are fun. It’s great reading someone connect little, seemingly irrelevant points in texts or scripts to draw to groundbreaking conclusions, so I decided to share one every Friday, starting with my favorite. I found it while browsing Reddit, and I don’t want to spoil it by saying anything, but you can definitely expect to have a good laugh. It is a theory about the Harry Potter series and how a certain misprint in the Prisoner of Azkaban actually reveals a horrifying secret of Professor McGonagall.

The original printing of “The Prisoner of Azkaban” contained an alleged continuity error that was corrected in later printings. However, if instead we examine the issue through the lens of the story’s time travel, the conclusion is much more disturbing.

The background: Hermione Granger is in possession of the powerful “Time Turner” that enables her to travel back in time so that she can attend multiple classes at the same time. Late in the story, she and Harry Potter use the Time Turner and watch their past-selves from afar

Read the full theory here!


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