Pratt and the Raptors

The first trailer for Jurassic World arrived on Wednesday, two days after the release of the “trailer tease.” I love watching trailers, in some cases even more than watching the movie, yet when it comes to teasers I have mixed feelings. What is the point of releasing a 15-seconds long teaser, just two days before the actual trailer? Do people really get hyped-out for two days? Game of Thrones also released a teaser this week, which makes sense because the actual trailer is probably not coming around anytime soon.  In Jurassic World’s case, it seems like they could have just gone ahead and release the real thing.

Let’s talk about the real thing a little. I love the first Jurassic Park movie, and find the other two still enjoyable. I don’t expect Jurassic World to be nearly as good as the first one. From the looks of it, it seems like this is going to be your regular summer blockbuster. I would be happy if it just turns out be something enjoyable and unfortunately the trailer doesn’t look like it. It’s always good to have Chris Pratt in a movie, but the serious vibe just doesn’t fit him well. He comes out quiet corny in the trailer. He is supposed to be some bad-ass, dinosaur expert, but I just cringed when this particular scene at the end happened:

So apparently, Chris Pratt has its own raptor pack. I don’t know why this particular scene disturbs me so much. Maybe it is because the whole original movie was based on the idea of how dangerous the raptors were and it did a damn good job at proving that. That movie was tense and chilling, because you could feel the tension. But when you have Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle, surrounded by his dino crew, it is hard to take anything seriously. You are hunting the most dangerous creature in the world, who, according to Pratt himself, will kill anything that moves, and you ride a motorcycle. With a regular rifle. My only hope right now is that a T-Rex bursts into the scene and kills that hybrid, because anything else will be unplausible.

On the other news, Star Wars: Force Awakens teaser will be released and possibly break the internet sometime today. It will be shown in select theaters in the U.S. and also be available online at iTunes Trailers. Let’s just hope that it will turn out to be better than this one.


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